"I see myself as a modern day troubadour. I'm moved by harmony, grace, beauty, wonder and curiosity."

Els as a visual storyteller

Traditionally trained as an art teacher over 25 years ago, I developed a curiosity and love for visual language and visual storytelling. 

I've shared this love in many different settings in my work, from being part of governmental and town planning processes all the way to mapping the roll out of new visions, strategies, business ideas and change processes for organisations and international companies. 

As an ‘image feeler’, I connect the dots for people, translate ideas, concepts and processes, and create tangible visual outcomes. 

I truly believe, that using visual language is supportive in creating thriving environments where cross-pollination can take place more effortlessly and playfully. 

What particularly lights me up is working on socially relevant issues and projects serving the greater good and benefit of all.

Els as a trainer & transformational facilitator

My first passion is to help people understand one another, to spark creative thinking and help develop the big ideas.

As a trainer, I have a real passion for sharing and making visual language more known, used and accessible to people and teams in organisations and in learning environments.

My longing is that visual language becomes a natural part of our interaction and daily communication to create more meaningful and inclusive solutions.

As a transformational facilitator I work with what is alive in the present moment. In this role, I step more actively into the process of visualisation.

Lead by curiosity, I become part of the conversation to extract ideas, define cultural change and create visions, making the transformational process visual and tangible.

Magic occurs when people ‘see themselves heard’...

My Trinity Vision

My vision is firstly to teach and share a unique blend of Heart IQ skills and Earth Teachings across generations, across cultures and religions to reconnect with self, other, the earth and the bigger dream.

My vision is secondly to be an embodied magnetic voice transmitting the original stories and blueprints of our pristine origin and be a living, loving example expressing our true divine nature by being in the wonder of the unfolding mystery of life.

My vision is thirdly to (co-)create healthy, fertile and harmonious places of transformation where people can joyfully come together, feel themselves, reconnect, learn, unlearn, express, create and manifest their own loving and beautiful environments rooted in the heart of existence

In essence I want to re-connect people with their unique creation force and their Motherland.

I want to allow myself and give permission to life to unfold itself in its own mysterious way as I alchemise my experience in surrender to what is and wants to be expressed in the moment.