“Magic occurs when visions, ideas and stories come alive and when people see themselves heard...”

Els Vrints

Visual Storyteller, Trainer & Facilitator

Unleashing the power of group intelligence to tackle complexity

We are living in a challenging, volatile, unpredictable, and rapidly changing and often overwhelming world. 

Visual Storytelling and Graphic Recording is a process-oriented and supportive method to help teams and organisations:

  • create and see the bigger picture
  • boost group co-creation
  • utilise our collective intelligence

Making the invisible visible increases our ability to solve complex problems and inspires collaborative action from common ground and common understanding.

Visual language harmonises, directs, informs and inspires.

It also:

  • brings ideas alive
  • supports processes
  • helps Communication
  • makes ideas sharable
  • makes implementation easier


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What is Visual Storytelling or Graphic Recording?

Get a quick overview of how Visual Storytelling can benefit your organisation

Here is what some of my clients say about working with me...

I've been involved in dozens of projects, and I've worked with many of my clients over years in sustainable collaborations. Here are some of their voices.

I have worked on multiple occasions with Els. Both as an innovation facilitator having her on my side to visualize the thoughts and feelings of the teams I work with, and as a visual recorder myself. In each setting it is a pleasure to collaborate with her. Els doesn’t just add beautiful visuals to your meeting. More importantly to me is that she always enters the room with a feeling of deep rooted happiness and gratitude. And in her own personal way she can create and kindle a warm, loving and open atmosphere that wakes up the EQ of business people.
Sara Pieters, Red Zezel Sara Pieters, Red Zezel
Levuur has called on Els dozens of times for visual support and reporting of participatory events. The power of a visual report is great. Participants immediately see their input translated into an image, individual images are brought together in larger concepts. A visual report lasts and is itself a source for new conversations between people. It is not uncommon for groups of participants to gather around a visual report to delve deeper into matters or further deepen their ideas. Finally, thanks to a visual report, you have good material to reinforce verbal reports and reports. Els has also designed many beautiful templates that we use in our participatory processes. The advantage of the appealing templates from Els is that participants feel creatively stimulated. This makes their exchanges and the input that people give in conversations much richer and more valuable. Els has eyes on her back. Rather than picking up words and concepts, Els "feels" what she drew. Her contact with people is wonderful. Els has both the gift of making herself invisible, but can conversely make participants visible through her images. Through her work, people feel heard and in our processes, this has a lot of value. Moreover, Els is just a great lady to work with.
Stef Setyaer, Levuur Stef Setyaer, Levuur
In addition to her artistic drawing skills, Els really impressed me with capturing all highlights during my workshop. I could easily recap the whole session using her visual harvesting as a powerful framework.

A selection of companies I co-created with

I've collaborated with many local, national and international organisations and team across many sectors.